Make It For Me!

Hello! Welcome to “Make it for Me” An online shop where all things are handcrafted by us!! Four women…mom and her three daughters, “We are Family” (may be playing in your head about now).  We wanted to offer our fabulous pieces on our shop page, because we know… you ain’t got time for that OR you love our signs and have to have one (or more no limit, heehee).  Each handcrafted item is made with our own hands and stamped with love every step of the way, just how you want it! You can find your happy! Yes you get to choose the stain, paint, and degree of rustic patina (if any)!  You can add a frame to any of our rustic plank wood signs, we are just that customizable, and awesome!  Each sign will be a unique piece and no two will look the exact same, well because, we are humans and love imperfections!  From the time your order is placed to the time it arrives at your door (or special someone’s) you will see the Wine Paper Scissors unmatchable touch.  

We Each Have Our Talents!