All About Wine Paper Scissors...

What Is Wine Paper Scissors?

We are a DIY workshop that teaches classes on how to create projects from raw materials and have fun. You don’t need any experience we guide you every step of the way. We love getting to encourage and empower you through your creativity. You can sip and create. We serve wine, beer, and ciders, and juice for the kiddos during our Juice Paper Scissors workshops.

How We Became WPS

A mother and her three daughters (with 100% support from Dad) were driven to create a business for family, friends, couples, kids, teens, tweens, and the community to gather for entertainment.  Our goal is to create a unique fun experience in an environment where you feel welcome, safe, and empowered to create a project and showcase your creativity.  We are a small business locally run by women who keep their roots close to their hearts.  Mom raised us to be empowered and always told us “you can do it.”  Each of us brings individual strengths and values that will shine through during our workshops and showcase creativity at its best.  As mothers, we also wanted to create the same type of environment for our children.  This is how Juice Paper ScissorsTM evolved.  We want children to learn new skills and feel welcome, safe, and empowered during our workshops while creating projects!  

None of us have a degree in business or design or had careers in home decor, but we all our love and life experiences of DIY. Actually Dad(worked with stocks/bonds), Mom(stay at home mom and raised us and taught us how to build, oh she was a coach, friend, chef, laundry, teacher, and so much more, yeah, that woman would build a hide-away bed, and construct walls), Angela(dental assistant), Theresa(vet tech), and Valerie (laboratory management). So as you can see we were doing great things, but still we were missing what we were so passionate about!! That burning passion for DIY, creating and building, a strong will to own a family business…so we used the strength of our family ties to marry the two…Wine Paper Scissors! An unwatchable touch. This is us, this is our story!

We design, you create, and fun begins!

We have curated a selection of products for every skill level, from the true novice to the experienced DIY crafter.

You create the perfect project for your home, and your style.

The fun begins when a group of friends (or soon to be friends!) get together to enjoy each other’s work, encourage and support each other, and express their creative sides!

Always 100% Eco-Friendly Paints & Non-Toxic Stains

We’re Moms Too & We Believe In Treading Lightly!

All of the paints used by Wine Paper Scissors are eco-friendly, and we only use non toxic stains (better for the air & less smelly). We only have one home, and we believe in taking the best care of it we can.
We know the importance of keeping our children safe. We work overtime to ensure that every Juice Paper Scissors workshop is safe, fun, and educational. Our commitment to only non-toxic materials ensures that your children will not be exposed to common DIY paint and stain chemicals.
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